Beaver Problem?

We can help you with problem Beavers

The Wyoming Wetlands Society (WWS), a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, has been assisting Teton County landowners by live trapping “problem” beaver since 2004.  The beavers trapped in this program are relocated to areas of the Gros Ventre River Drainage and adjacent drainages to restore and enhance wetland habitat.  Many of the beavers we live trap are those that are damaging expensive landscaping, clogging head gates, or flooding yards or roads with their dam building activities.  Sometimes it is all of the above.  In a few cases we try to work with the landowner to mitigate these damages without removing them.  However, relocating beaver is the preferred and sometimes the only way to restore, enhance or maintain wetland habitat. 

Wetlands provide many direct and indirect benefits to both wildlife and people.  Wetlands trap pollutants and act as natural filters resulting in cleaner water downstream.  Wetlands are critical habitat to many wildlife species.  They provide a number of resources including water, forage, nesting opportunities, and cover.  Wetlands increase water storage that in turn increases late-summer stream flows that improve fisheries.  All of these factors benefit people by improving water quality and providing recreational opportunities such as wildlife watching, fishing, and hunting.  WWS also educates the public on the importance of wetlands.  Field trips to wetland locations provide us with the opportunity to show first hand the role of the beaver as a wetland engineer.

For more information concerning our live beaver trapping for wetland restoration please contact Drew Reed at (307) 699-2329 or at [email protected] 


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